St Johns Bar

5 Cable Street, Wellington Central, Wellington, 6011
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They don't serve nice beer anymore, they used to have some sneaky panhead, but that's all gone now.
Posted 2016-09-06T03:16:12.938Z
Great place to sit in the sun on the afternoon, it gets the sun until very late.
Posted 2016-08-10T02:21:52.833Z
They have pretty nice food now, and you can get delicious panhead beers if you ask, they have them in expensive bottles in the fridge.
Posted 2016-05-13T05:48:57.260Z
Nothing quite like St John's Bar on a hot friday afternoon. Popular hang out on sunny day.
Posted 2007-11-02T22:11:01.000Z
Heineken Hotel Phone: 04 801 8017
Posted 2006-12-30T17:07:41.000Z