The Front Page Cafe

40 Boulcott Street, Wellington Central, Wellington, 6011
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I used this cafe for lunches on a weekly basis until recently. The service and quality of food has gone down hill. Prices have increased which is fair enough but these are not indicated on the menu board. The bowls of fries have got smaller and more expensive and they serve sauces in cruddy plastic containers which don't hold enough sauce and immediately fall over when you dip anything in them. What happened to the ramekin dishes? Cutting corners has made this place cheap and nasty. I will not go here again and most of my colleagues are of the same opinion. Plenty of other choices nearby.
Posted 2008-08-12T11:47:07.716Z
Yeah this place sucks. The food is horrible, the coffee is horrible and the service is well below average. Spend your money elsewhere.
Posted 2008-07-16T10:23:12.810Z
Awfull. Very long time to service take away coffee. They forget you and they server pretty ladies first. This cafe SUCKS BIG TIME!!!!
Posted 2008-07-16T09:55:13.497Z