Graffiti Alley

Wellington Central, Wellington
FireAnt, Vacuum Cleaner Specialists, The French Art Shop, Grace Hairdressers, Satay Village, Mille Verba, The Agencie Model and Talent Management, Chamber Music New Zealand, Proximus Ltd, Glover Park, Satay Village, Bio-Gro New Zealand, Superfino, Royal Forest & Bird, Boombox Gallary, KK Malaysian Restaurant, Almy Violins, The Baby Factory, budget, Zeal Cafe,
Graffiti Alley is nominated for "Best Public Art" in the Second Annual Wellingtonista Awards.
Posted 2007-11-09T15:27:27.000Z
Check out here for some more great Wellington graffiti...
Posted 2006-04-30T20:57:19.000Z
Emily: sounds good, would love to see some more photos exploring wellington on the site!
Posted 2006-04-19T11:34:28.000Z
This is way dope site, I am doing a photographic exploration on Wellington, done one on Athens and want to use it to reflect the understanding of creativity in cities. Would love to add to this site!
Posted 2006-04-18T21:08:36.000Z