Midnight Espresso

178 Cuba Street, Te Aro, Wellington, 6011
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Excellent little cafe, good service, nice (loud) music, lots of vegetarian options. They have nice kitchen food as well, if the counter food isn't looking delicious enough. The nachos are huge, a small nachos are probably enough for two people. Try the iced chocolate too, it's pretty delicious.
Posted 2012-09-29T01:46:44.165Z
Still good, 6 years later.
Posted 2012-03-20T11:52:40.785Z
I want Midnight! Caramel triangle slice and a flat white please. Delivered to Upper Saxony please! Even Heßen, or Bayern - somewhere on the ICE network would be perfect. Sigh. :)
Posted 2007-08-30T22:14:46.000Z
Ahh I miss thee midniht espresso. Listening to fat freddys drop in munich - and it reminds me of home! :)
Posted 2007-01-06T23:37:22.000Z
I'm sorry, but Midnight are evil. They have so much tasty food thatI can't make up my mind on what to eat. Their food is just soooo good! Indiana Jones pinball is a riot!!!
Posted 2006-11-01T14:02:59.000Z
i still miss kate cooks blueberry muffins from 1990! best place to go in welly
Posted 2006-10-16T21:24:17.000Z
Take time out to use their toilet and read the walls, very enlightening! Seems to be a messageboard for half of wellington! :)
Posted 2006-06-14T12:25:44.000Z
J5 Rocks. So do you Midnight. :)
Posted 2006-05-29T16:50:32.000Z
coolest tunes out of any cafe on the planet. where else can you go and listen to Led Zep, Black Sabbath, Gerry Rafferty and then Jurassic 5 and Talib Kweli in one sitting. Coffee and food is primo too.
Posted 2006-05-29T11:14:53.000Z
Great food, great coffee, fast + friendly service. Has vegetarian as well as vegan food.
Posted 2006-04-15T05:38:30.000Z
Mmm Bacon.
Posted 2006-04-07T11:37:22.000Z
My Buddha! You gotta try their filled croissaints? So fresh, so crunchy, and the bacon... mmmmmm
Posted 2006-03-30T13:31:40.000Z
Best and nicest feeds in Wellington. You should really drop by on a rainy afternoon and get a latte.
Posted 2006-03-29T18:23:15.000Z