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Map of 90 Ruskin Road


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Bus stop, Bus stop, Bus stop, BP 2go Newlands, Bus stop, Place Of Worship, Place Of Worship, Newlands Tamariki Playcentre, Bus stop, and Newlands Court Motel

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93 Ruskin Road
Sold 16/11/06 for $287,500
Newlands Court Motel
hello 0.56 please reply who is this really who ever is reading this comment witch ain't really a ...
Newlands Court Motel
well its good and i think everyone should go and visit this place it is like so awesome.
15 Dunmail Way
haha this me mums placwe ilu mother xxx
2 Miles Crescent
Sold 12/12/06 for $319,500
24 Chapman Street
Macabees and Tyson live here
30 Fitzpatrick Street
Sold 18/12/06 for $418,000
25 Lyndfield Lane
Sold 29/10/06 for $310,000
33 Stewart Drive
Sold 8/1/07 for $352,000
78 Burgess Road
Easily the best house on the street