Richmond Guest House

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A real pleasurable experience Well here I am sitting on my bed using my lap top and the free wireless internet at the beautiful Richmond I was told about this place by another traveler who had stayed there previously so I knew what to expect , but even though I had been warned as with a lot of folk I was quite shocked when I was so graciously greeted at the front door by John the owner , the warning had been about Johns misfortune in being badly burnt in a fire that occurred there some years,one cant' say much but just to look at him and try to imagine him prior to his fifty plus operations and admire the guts and determination that it must have taken to get himself and the Richmond going again what a great job he has done on both counts ,And I have to be honest and say that I am really disgusted when I read some of the other reviews putting john and the Richmond down , get over it' John runs a great business so clean he also is a collector of beautiful antiques and porcelain figurines mainly European some of which are truly amazing and are all on show around the house, Well this is my third and last night here I have a great room a great room with fresh linen and lovely towels with my own bathroom with plenty of hot water and , value fo the dollar this has to be tops out of eleven places I have stayed at so far $60 bed and breakfast for a room with its' own bathroom, so thank you john I know that you have another operation planned so god bless and keep smiling
Posted 2009-12-29T14:52:01.972Z
Was there mid december with partner, cool place own bathroom plenty of hot water, realy nice room , free wireless internet , good brekfast , they have some realy cool antiques there mainly from europe charged us $80 bed and breakfast per couple , best place we have stayed at in good old NZ
Posted 2009-01-19T10:21:25.929Z
Nice place had all the conforts after weeks of camping in the bush, brilliant clean rooms with my own bathroom and plenty of hot water , kitchen laundry ,phone, tv lounge , free internet, free tea and coffee, good continental breakfast , nice staff, walking distance to the city, what more can you want ? Renate
Posted 2009-01-17T22:02:44.562Z