Main North Road

Woodend, Waimakariri
Main North Road, Greg's car came to rest here facing back north, Anglican, Methodist, Softwatch Solutions Ltd, Wayside Motel, Wayside Motel, Fire Station Woodend, Fire Station, Prenzels of Canterbury, Hot Dogs 2006, Skevington Park, Woodend Toilet, Woodend School, Woodend Preschool and Nursery, Stalker Park, Pankhurst Reserve, Kaiapohia Monument - (Kaiapoi Pa), Super Liquor Woodend, Woodend Motor Inn,
Jonathan, I can't get this larger view of the bend in the road. I had it and lost it.The bend is a longish curve to the left. The cars travelling behind the bus ( he hit) said they thought Greg was turning right into a driveway. Why couldn't the driver of the bus see this and turn to miss him? Greg was the only car travelling south.
Posted 2006-09-17T23:41:25.000Z