Aratiatia Village

Aratiatia Village Road, Rotokawa, Taupo
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My Dad worked there 1962-1965. We lived in the village and I'm trying to find old photos of the village. Does anyone know where to find them?
Posted 2018-09-16T07:38:29.618Z
Roy Brooker was the Superintendant. Bob Walton was the village scallywag.
Posted 2014-03-23T21:32:43.056Z
I worked on this station in 1965-66 as station electrician, Mrs Rogers was the cook in the Hostel.
Posted 2014-03-23T21:31:15.424Z
My Father worked on the Hydro for 3/4 years in the early sixties.
Posted 2013-04-11T04:43:30.057Z