Martinborough Village Camping

Martinborough, South Wairarapa
Swimming Pool, Martinborough Kindergarten, Martinborough School, The Old Manse, Ross Glyn, Duckback Cottage, Burings of Martinborough, Centennial Park, Oak House, Porters, Palliser Estate Wines, Croft Wines, Petit Hotel, Place Of Worship, Mini Meez, Martinborough Playcentre, Bretheren, Anglican, South Wairarapa District Council, DM Coffee,
We opened Martinborough Village Camping in November 2005 after spending months planning and creating the kind of campground that we would like to stay at. We have built all new, high quality, bathroom, kitchen and laundry facilities whilst deliberately keeping the camp small to create a friendly, relaxed atmosphere. Phone: (06) 306 8919 Description courtesy of Camping ground website
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