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Map of 21 Rata Street



Floosie Gardens and The Gingerbread Factory

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The Gingerbread Factory, Floosie Gardens, Alans Place, Studio 172, The Brook Kindergarten, Diving Services New Zealand Ltd, and Your accomodation is 2-54

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Nearby Comments

The Baywick Inn
Great place to stay while in Nelson 3 luxurious rooms all just 10 min walk to downtown
164 Collingwood Street
its now painted a different colour and has a driveway in the front...picture needs updating becau...
Tula & Niles Ltd
We are open winter hours these days: MWF from 12 to 4pm Sat 10 to 2pm If these hours do not su...
Nice! Looks like bondage batLamb!
Hartleys Nelson
Sorry to hear that, I hope they see your review and take some action on it! :)
Hartleys Nelson
Some retail training wouldn't go astray here. I have not ever been spoken to like that before wh...
Queens Garden Toilets
smoking or non?
Queens Garden Toilets
Coming soon....
Queens Garden Toilets
Well, it's pretty well ventilated so I would say schmoking!
Queens Garden Toilets
Excellent! I've always admired this 21st century deconstruction.