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Map of 2 The Terrace


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Ministry of Food
Best food down in "Government Land". They have an awesome catering for corporate lunches and di...
Bolton Street Memorial Park
I really love this little park, hidden away besides the motorway.
Winner of the best takeaway filled rolls - Capital Times Best of Wellington Awards 2008
38 The Terrace
# 6C - University accommodation (Halls of Residence) for Victoria University. Three bedroom unit,...
Turnbull House
Can just pull in CafeNET wifi from Vic Uni form here - with a good position or a external aerial....
Bolton Hotel
The five star Bolton Hotel is fabulously located in Wellington’s central business district, a f...
Sir Breadwins Club Sandwich
Remembered with affection, your ham and egg sandwiches that I used to order evry day in 1975. The...
Guildford Terrace
My school (st mary's the most awesome school ever) is on this road
15 Stout Street
Level 3 Defence House is Located at 15-21Stout Street. The offical address. The map shows the lo...
87 The Terrace
Ministry of Transport, reception floor 6