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Map of 154 Victoria Street



Base Two - One Creative Source, Fullstop, and Scenario Communications Ltd

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Fullstop, Base Two - One Creative Source, Scenario Communications Ltd, Dylans desk, FishServe, Care NZ, The Quarter, Jai Thai Boxing Gym, Siem Reap, and Joinery Industry Training Organisation

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Jai Thai Boxing Gym
http://jaithaiboxing.com/ The art of Thai Boxing or Muay Thai is a fun way to keep fit while als...
Siem Reap
Great food, terrible service and atmosphere
Siem Reap
IMHO The best asian restaurant in Wellington. Spciy, zingy, and fragrent cuisine awaits. You'd be...
Elite Bakery and Cafe
They have award winning pies!
140 Victoria Street
<a href="http://www.goodasgold.co.nz/blog/">Good As Gold Store</a>
185 Victoria Street
my apartment building
7 Townhouses
I'd like to live there! :) Easy route home from JJs.
Curve Bar
this is a cool place to unwind and check out the soundz the owner rocks hard and the bar staff ar...
189 Willis Street
Dr C Kalderimis189 Willis Street, Te Aro, Wellington (04) 3816161 Email Excellent, immedia...
Cafe Rozo
A great place to use CafeNet - quiet enough that you don't feel guilty about taking an hour over ...