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Map of Rangiora


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a Albert Street, Alfred Street, Ambrose Place, Andrew Street, Aquila Street, Archer Place, Ashgrove Street, Ashley Street, Ayers Street b Ballarat Road, Banks Place, Belgrave Drive, Bell Street, Belmont Avenue, Berkeley Close, Blackett Street, Blake Street, Boyd Street, Boys Road, Bridget Lane, Brookvale Place, Buckham Street, Buckleys Road, Burt Street, Bush Street, Buss Street c Calvandra Grove, Carmana Gardens, Chamberlain Lane, Charles Street, Chartwell Close, Chelsea Court, Chesterfield Place, Church Street, Clearbrook Lane, Coates Place, Coldstream Road, Collingwood Place, Collins Street, Cone Street, Cones Road, Coronation Street, Cotter Lane, Country Lane d Denchs Road, Doggett Place, Douglas Street, Duke Street, Dunlops Road, Durham Street e Earnley Street, East Belt, Ebert Place, Edward Street, Elizabeth Street, Ellis Road, Enverton Drive f Fairview Briars, Fernside Road, Finchley Mews, Flaxton Road, Foster Place, Fowler Lane, Fraser Place g Geddis Street, Gefkins Road, George Street, Gerald Beattie Lane, Golding Avenue, Good Street, Goodall Lane, Goodwood Close, Grant Place, Green Street, Grosvenor Lane, Grove Place h Hampstead Close, Harakeke Way, Harrod Place, Hawkins Place, Hegan Place, High Street, Highfield Lane, Hinton Place, Holcroft Court i Ivory Street j Janelle Place, Jennings Place, Johns Road k Keir Street, Keldon Avenue, Kensington Avenue, King Street, Kingsbury Avenue, Kinley Street, Kippenberger Avenue, Kotare Avenue, Koura Drive, Kowhai Avenue l Leech Place, Lindon Street, Lineside Road, Lowe Place, Luxton Place m Manchester Place, Marsh Road, Marshall Street, Martyn Street, Matawai Close, Matson Close, Mcalpine Place, Mckenzie Place, Melford Close, Milesbrook Close, Millton Avenue, Montrose Gardens, Murray Street n Newnham Street, Northbrook Road o Oak Tree Lane, Oakgrove Drive, Oakwood Drive, Oxford Road p Palmer Street, Palmview Drive, Papawai Drive, Park Street, Parkhouse Drive, Pear Tree Lane, Pearson Lane, Pentecost Road, Percival Street, Prince Street, Pukeko Place q Queen Street r Railway Road, Rata Street, Raymond Orr Meadows, Reeves Road, Regent Avenue, Rex Place, Rickton Place, River Road, Riverview Road, Rowse Street, Royal Terrace, Ryans Place s Scotswood Place, Scott Street, Seddon Street, Service Lane, Sloan Avenue, South Belt, Southbrook Road, Spark Lane, Station Road, Stephens Street, Strachan Place t Taiwhenua Street, Thomas Lane, Thorne Place, Todds Road, Torlesse Street, Townsend Road, Treffers Avenue, Tyler Street u Unnamed Road v Victoria Street w Wairepo Close, Wales Street, Walker Place, Walkway, Wallace Place, Ward Place, Watkins Place, Watson Place, West Belt, Weston Place, White Street, Will Place, William Street, Wiltshire Court, Wiltshire Retirement Village, Windsor Court