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Map of Levin


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a Adkin Avenue, Ahmad Close, Aitchison Place, Alice Place, Amberleigh Place, Arapaepae Road, Argyle Avenue, Armagh Street, Arran Street, Ascot Street, Avenue North Road, Avon Street, Awatea Street b Baden Street, Ballance Street, Balmoral Street, Barry Curtis Place, Bartholomew Road, Bath Street, Beatty Street, Beechwood Avenue, Belle Maison Court, Bledisloe Street, Boulton Road, Bowen Street, Braemar Street, Bristol Street, Broadbelt Grove, Bruce Road, Buller Road, Burn Street, Burnfield Way, Bush Street, Byrd Street c Cambridge Place, Cambridge Street, Cambridge Street South, Campbell Grove, Cardiff Street, Cargill Street, Carlisle Street, Cd Farm Road, Central Lane, Chamberlain Street, Charles Street, Chester Street, Churchill Street, Claremont Rise, Clark Street, Clay Road, Clifford Close, Clyde Street, Cobham Street, Collingwood Street, Conway Street, Cook Street, Corfe Castle Lane, Cornwall Street, Coventry Street, Cumberland Court d Davie Court, Dee Street, Dellys Grove, Denton Road, Derby Street, Devon Street, Dorset Street, Douglas Street, Dover Street, Drake Street, Dudley Street, Duke Street, Dunbar Street, Durham Street e Earl Street, Easton Way, Eden Street, Edinburgh Street, Elizabeth Street, Ely Place, Essex Street, Eton Place, Exeter Street f Fairfield Road, Fairholme Place, Featherston Street, Ferguson Street, Forth Street, Fox Street, Freyberg Street, Fuller Close g Gardener Street, Garth Road, George Street, Gimblett Court, Gladstone Road, Glen Street, Goldsmith Crescent, Gordon Place, Graham Street, Green Avenue, Grenville Street, Grey Street, Guildford Street, Guy Avenue h Hadfield Street, Halsey Street, Hamaria Road, Hannan Street, Harlech Street, Harrow Street, Heather Street, Heatherlea East Road, Heatherlea West Road, Hereford Street, Highbury Drive, Highfield Place, Hillcrest Lane, Hillview Terrace, Hinemoa Street, Hobson Street, Hokio Beach Road, Homewood Avenue, Huia Place j Joblins Road, John Street k Kaihuia Grove, Karaka Crescent, Karlos Lane, Kauri Street, Kawiu Road, Kebbell Avenue, Keepa Street, Kennedy Drive, Kent Street, Kilsby Place, Kimberley Road, Kings Drive, Kinross Street, Kirkcaldie Grove, Konini Street, Koputaroa Road, Kotare Place, Kowhai Street l Lakewood Grove, Lancaster Street, Lea Grove, Lincoln Place, Lindsay Road, Linley Place, Liverpool Street, Lutz Road, Lynch Grove m Mabel Street, Macarthur Street, Mahoe Street, Maire Street, Makahika Road, Mako Mako Road, Manchester Street, Margaret Street, Marlborough Street, Marsden Street, Martin Harvey Street, Matai Street, Matipo Street, Mcdonald Road, Mckenzie Street, Mcleavey Road, Meadowvale Drive, Mersey Street, Merton Place, Middlesex Street, Miro Street, Monarch Mews, Montgomery Street, Morgan Crescent, Muhunoa East Road n Nansen Place, Nelson Street, Newport Street, Ngaio Street, Nikau Street, Norfolk Street, Norrie Street, North Lane o Okarito Avenue, Oriel Place, Oslo Place, Oxford Street p Paeroa Road, Paisley Street, Parker Avenue, Parsons Avenue, Patikei Road, Penny Place, Perth Street, Piwakawaka Place, Poads Road, Pohutukawa Drive, Poulton Drive, Power Street, Princes Street, Prouse Street, Pukematawai Lane, Puriri Place q Queen Street East, Queen Street West, Queenwood Road, Quinn Road r Raleigh Street, Rata Street, Read Street, Redwood Grove, Reeve Street, Regal Street, Regent Lane, Rimu Street, Rina Street, Riveredge Terrace, Rodney Street, Roe Street, Roosevelt Street, Roseash Lane, Rosedale Place, Roslyn Road, Ross Street, Royal Place, Rugby Street, Ruru Place, Rutland Street, Ryder Crescent s Salisbury Street, Saxton Street, Seddon Street, Selwyn Street, Service Lane, Sh 1, Sh 57 Road, Shamrock Street, Sheffield Street, Sherwood Place, Skye Street, Solway Street, Sorenson Road, South Lane, South Road, St Annes Street, Stanley Street, Stirling Street, Strathmore Avenue, Stuart Street, Stuckey Street, Surrey Lane, Sussex Street t Tainui Street, Tarahunga Road, Tararua Road, Tasman Street, Tawa Street, Te Kama Street, Te Whanga Road, The Avenue, Tiro Tiro Road, Titoki Place, Totara Street, Toutouwai Terrace, Trafalgar Street, Tui Glen Drive, Tyne Street u Unknown Road, Unnamed Road v Victoria Street, Vincent Drive, Vogel Street w Waihou Road, Waimarie Park, Waipuna Grove, Wakefield Road, Walkway, Walnut Grove, Ward Street, Webb Avenue, Weld Street, Weraroa Road, Whelans Road, William Street, Wilton Street, Winchester Street, Windsor Place, Winiata Street, Winslow Place, Worcester Street, Wright Grove y York Street


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