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Map of Halswell


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a Addison Place, Aidanfield Drive, Alvaston Drive, Annies Lane, Antonia Place, Archduke Lane, Arkwright Place, Armour Place, Astor Place, Awatea Road b Balcairn Street, Balkwell Street, Baronet Lane, Bernadette Street, Bezar Green, Bibiana Street, Birchdale Place, Birdling Place, Blowers Place, Brenda Place, Brigham Drive, Broken Run, Burbank Drive, Busch Lane c Calverton Place, Campion Place, Candys Road, Carol Place, Carrs Road, Cashmere Road, Cassinia Gardens, Checketts Avenue, Chilwell Place, Clipston Place, Cobra Street, Constable Place, Coppinger Terrace, Corbett Crescent, Corgwyn Avenue, Country Palms Drive, Cridland Place, Crocus Lane, Cromdale Place, Cunneen Place, Cunningham Place, Cyclamen Place d Date Crescent, Downies Road, Duchess Lane, Dunbars Road, Dunsford Close e Eaglesome Avenue, Edgewater Lane, Edmund Storr Road, Edward Stafford Avenue, Ell Place, Elmslie Grove, Empress Place, Ensign Street, Ernest Gray Place, Eskdale Place f Felicitas Grove, Fern Drive, Forgan Lane, Fountains Road, Fuchsia Place g Gabriel Grove, Garforth Green, Gibbs Place, Gillatt Gardens, Ginaty Lane, Glen Arrife Place, Glovers Road, Gore Street, Grace Close, Grassington Lane h Halswell Junction Road, Halswell Road, Hemingford Place, Heritage Lane, Highpeak Place, Hindess Street, Hyde Place j Jadewynn Place, James Hight Drive, Jarrow Place, John Olliver Terrace, John Paterson Drive k Kennedys Bush Road, Kilbride Gardens, Kinrara Place, Kinsella Crescent l Lady Nugent Lane, Lakeview Place, Lancewood Drive, Lantern Lane, Larsens Road, Lillian Street, Longspur Avenue m Macartney Avenue, Mallett Place, Mapledale Place, Marcella Gardens, Marguerite Place, Marquess Avenue, Marsack Crescent, Marshs Road, Matthew Place, Mcmahon Drive, Mcteigue Road, Meeking Place, Milns Road, Muir Avenue, Murphys Road n Nash Road, Nicholls Road, Noble Place, Nottingham Avenue o O'halloran Drive, Oakridge Street, Oldham Crescent p Parklea Avenue, Patterson Terrace, Pethig Place q Quaifes Road r Rearsby Drive, Rempstone Drive, Revell Street, Ridder Place, Riverton Terrace, Rooney Place, Rosamund Place, Rowanwood Close, Ryton Way s Sabys Road, Saddleback Green, Santa Rosa Avenue, School Road, Sentinel Place, Service Lane, Shamrock Place, Shanaway Close, Shield Place, Sienna Court, Six Silvers Avenue, Sophia Gardens, Sovereign Gardens, Sparks Road, Springs Road, Stallion Avenue, Steane Place, Sunbeam Place, Sutherlands Road t Tai Tapu Road, Te Pihopa Way, The Stables, Thornlea Place, Townshend Crescent u Unnamed Road v Van Dyke Place, Vanderbilt Place, Viceroy Place, Village Lane w Wales Street, Walkway, Westlake Drive, Whincops Road, Wigram Road, William Brittan Avenue