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Map of Auckland Central


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a Abbey Street, Adelaide Street, Airedale Street, Albert Street, Alfred Street, Alten Road, Anzac Avenue b Bacon's Lane, Bankside Street, Beach Road, Beaumont Street, Beresford Square, Boardman Lane, Bouzaid Way, Bowen Avenue, Bowen Lane, Bradnor Lane, Brickfield Way, Brigham Street, Britomart Place c Canada Street, Carlaw Park Avenue, Centre Street, Chancery Street, Charles Nalden Lane, Churchill Street, City Road, Cobden Street, Commerce Street, Constitution Hill, Cook Street, Courthouse Lane, Cross Street, Cruise Lane, Customs Street East, Customs Street West d Daldy Street, Darby Street, Day Street, Dock Street, Dockside Lane, Drake Street, Durham Lane, Durham Street East, Durham Street West e East Street, Eden Crescent, Edinburgh Street, Elliott Street, Emily Place, Exchange Lane f Fanshawe Street, Federal Square, Federal Street, Fields Lane, Fisher-point Drive, Fort Lane, Fort Street, Franklin Road, French Street, Freyberg Place g Galatos Street, Galway Street, Gaunt Street, Gore Street, Gore Street Lane, Gorst Lane, Governor Fitzroy Place, Grafton Road, Grafton Road On-ramp, Graham Street, Greys Avenue, Gundry Street h Halsey Street, Hamer Street, Hardinge Street, Hereford Street, High Street, Hobson Street, Hopetoun Street, Howe Street i Imperial Arcade j Jacobs Ladder, Jean Batten Place, Jellicoe Street k Karangahape Road, Khartoum Place, Kingston Street, Kitchener Street l Liverpool Street, Lorne Street, Lower Albert Street, Lower Domain Drive, Lower Hobson Street, Lucy Lane, Lyndock Street m Madden Street, Mahon Way, Mahuhu Crescent, Market Lane, Market Place, Marmion Street, Mayoral Drive, Mercury Lane, Mills Lane, Monash Street, Morton Street, Mount Street, Myers Street n Neales Lane, Nelson Street, Ngata Street, Nicholas Street, Nicholls Lane, North-western Motorway, North-western To Northern Motorway, Northern Motorway, Northern To North-western Motorway, Northern To Port Motorway o O'connell Street, Ophir Street p Pacific Place, Pakenham Street East, Pakenham Street West, Parliament Street, Parnell Rise, Percy Place, Pitt Street, Plumer Street, Port To Northern Motorway, Poynton Terrace, Princes Street q Quay Street, Queen Street r Rutland Street s Sale Street, Sam Wrigley Street, Scotia Place, Service Lane, Sh 16, Short Street, Shortland Street, South Street, Southern Motorway, St James Street, St Patricks Square, St Paul Street, Stanley Street, Sturdee Street, Swanson Street, Symonds Street t Tangihua Street, Tapora Street, Te Taou Crescent, Telpher Street, Tennis Lane, The Boardwalk, Tinley Street, Tooley Street, Turner Street, Tyler Street u Union Street, Unnamed Road, Upper Queen Street v Valentines Lane, Vernon Street, Viaduct Harbour Avenue, Victoria Street East, Victoria Street West, Vincent Street, Vogel Lane, Vulcan Lane w Wakefield Street, Walkway, Warimu Place, Waterloo Quadrant, Waverley Street, Wellesley Street East, Wellesley Street West, Wellington Street, West Terrace, Westhaven Drive, White Street, Wolfe Street, Wyndham Street, Wynyard Street