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Bin Inn New Brighton, Christchurch
Wholefoods & Specialty Groceries
68 Hawke Street, Surfside Mall, New Brighton, Christchurch
Ph: 033887214  |  0800 BIN INN (0800 246 466)
Fax: (03) 382-9268

Monday - Friday: 9am - 5.30pm | Saturday: 9am - 5pm
Closed Sunday | Open Public Holidays 10am - 4pm (except closed Good Friday & Christmas Day!/BinInn

Shop at Bin Inn New Brighton in Christchurch for wholefoods and specialty groceries.

Wholefoods range includes grains, herbs, spices, seeds, beans, peas, rice, pasta, lentils, dried fruits, nuts, flours, yeast and much more. Specialty range include gluten free foods, Dutch foods, ethnic foods, organics and even home brewing supplies to brew your own beers, spirits and liqueurs.

Bin Inn has self selection bins and barrels so you can buy as much of as little as you like. This means customers can choose how much or how little they wish to buy, be it a tablespoon of a spice or several litres of vinegar for summertime preserving.

At Bin Inn you pay for the product and not the fancy packaging, after all you don't eat the packaging. Not only does this help save you money but it also helps the environment with less packaging waste. Bring your own bottles, jars and containers to refill at Bin Inn to help reuse, recycle and refill.

Bin Inn is the home of home baking with an extensive range of baking ingredients including Bin Inn’s bread mixes, cake mixes, biscuit mixes, muffin mixes, scone mix, sponge mixes and gluten free baking mixes.

With an emphasis on quality wholefoods and specialty grocery items; you can buy as much or as little as you like from a generous selection at each Bin Inn store. From baking to brewing, gluten free or hard to find items; our offerings will delight even the most discerning shopper.

Started back in July 1988, Bin Inn stores are all about the good old-fashioned values of quality and personal service. Bin Inn stores are famous for their relaxed atmosphere, friendly service and helpful advice. More often than not; you'll be served by the owner of the store who will be passionate about quality foods and good conversation.

Bin Inn doesn't just sell product; we get involved in product knowledge and information sharing. Our print and on-line services offer information and discussion on a wide range of topics. Whether it's baking and general cooking recipes, beverage brewing tips, gluten free items; we leave no stone unturned when it comes to quality food! Free recipes and handy hints flyers are available from Bin Inn.

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Phone 03 388 7214 or 0800 BIN INN (0800 246 466) or email 


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