Waipa Delta Paddleship

Hamilton Central, Hamilton
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This loosenut ( the name says it all ) has not dined on the boat. He spat his dummy out when my office staff told him he could not leave his car in front of the gangway. The 5 other guests he was supposed to dine with, came aboard and thought it was great. They apologised for his behavior and said they didnt know him that well. He called our german born office girl a parking Nazi, drove back to auckland without dining and thought I should be nice to him when he complained. Just because we are in the hospitality business doesn't meen I cant tell someone like Mr Dawkins what I think of him. Mark Goudie - Owner
Posted 2007-07-13T11:03:50.000Z
Save your money and book for a meal somewhere else. The staff are rude, the food is just as bad. And if you are silly enough to find this out for yourself don't phone the owner as he won't care what you thought to his business as he is the rudest of them all. A truely unpleasant experience that I hope you will not experience. Stay away !
Posted 2007-07-13T09:59:06.000Z
Check out reviews and more details at www.feedme.co.nz
Posted 2007-05-01T15:27:23.000Z
Free Info line 0800 472335 (08004paddle)
Posted 2007-05-01T13:23:06.000Z