Lani Korewha

Oue, Far North
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well if you dont know lani and bonz then you beta cause dey da bomb couple wit da bomb whanau! ive bumped into rawiri paratini (tatoo head once were warriors) and cathy whatsherface (lani's cousin/well known musician....cant remember her full name but remember her face and body mmmmm :) bet the cottage dont come with them lol. another fond memory from the hospitality from lani and bonz is...sitting on their picnic table on the front lawn casting my rod into the hokianga overlooking the giant sand dunes and watching their kids swimming off the wharf while the sun was setting over the mouth of the hokianga that memory is yours...cheers Lanz cheers Bonz :) (dont sell)
Posted 2006-08-04T07:04:08.000Z
any offers on our beach cottage
Posted 2006-07-31T22:22:30.000Z