Hogben School

Halswell, Christchurch
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If you can please let me via email my email as follows arthur1709@yahoo.com.au
Posted 2019-05-11T00:52:49.431Z
I was a student from 1985 to 1988 at Hogben School if any of the former students have a photo of the school could you please let me know
Posted 2019-05-11T00:43:31.939Z
how are you
Posted 2015-11-19T00:08:06.052Z
i was 14 and they were very stick we had 100 boys in differnt vills
Posted 2015-11-19T00:07:45.709Z
hi there i was a stundent at hoben school once a upon time it was preey good i was 14 back then keep up the good work
Posted 2015-11-19T00:06:59.706Z