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apple12 about Dr. Lance West, Oral & Maxillofacial Surgeon
I Would give no stars if I could!!! THis place has given me nothing but the worst experience and the poorest service ever. I had first contacted Dr Lance in November for my TMJ on my right jaw. Because I was under ACC i knew is would it take time, which was okay, but I didn't expect to wait until the beginning of March for a response. At this point I was told that they were waiting for ACC to reply. I personally contacted ACC and was told that no forms were SENT IN!! So I contacted them and finally after another month that was completed. So I was recommended to use a splint at first. For around 4 months I went back and forth getting that done. The process was horrible. I would have follow up appointments which would only last 5 minutes. However for the last 3 or 4 times Ive had to wait almost 1 hour in the waiting room and talk to the doctor 5 minutes before going home disappointed!! I'd expect that kind of waiting time, maybe when going to my GP but not for this. After complaining many times, that I was in horrible pain, and that it affected me mentally, I stressed to have the arthrocentesis done. As i could not wait 6-8 months for the splint to work!! At this point it was around May! On 3/05/16 I had signed all the forms for it and now , just had to wait for ACC to reply. I was told this would take a couple of weeks, i assumed 6 weeks. After that I contacted them again, after 6 weeks or a little bit earlier and was told, still waiting for ACC. So around the end of August, Completely fed up I asked my dad t take over. He contacted the doctor and was told that the forms have yet to be sent!!! September is nearly over And I am still yet waiting. Just today I was told that I would have the arthrocentesis done in November 16th. Hence almost making it year I've had to suffer. And the fact I've had to wait almost 7 MONTHS TO HAVE THIS DONE!!! I have a friend who had the same problem has I have and with and another doctor she received surgery and completed the whole process in 3 months. Now you might ask why not switch doctors if the process was horrible. But as many of you should know going to a specialist isn't cheep. Going through the experience of having x rays and cheek ups again, and just overall starting all over again, I don't think I could have mentally taken it. Overall I don't recommend this place at all!! As a patient I've never felt so medically neglected in my life. If I were you and you've read this, find another doctor!!!!
Posted 2016-09-26T06:50:01.448Z
benn about Island Bay Butcher
Has lots of excellent meats, they sell their sausages at Moore Wilson too, so that's a bit of a tick of approval.
Posted 2016-09-25T00:19:17.782Z
benn about Island Bay Curry Takeaways
Haven't been here in ages, but super cool place with cheap nice curry.
Posted 2016-09-25T00:18:44.949Z
benn about New World Island Bay
Cool super market with lots of interesting beers and pretty good range of meats and produce.
Posted 2016-09-25T00:17:59.240Z
hegelp3 about Free Public WiFi Hotspot
XCHC Cafe is a chef run cafe so amazing local creative food, free unlimited fibre wifi, co-working, free events friday night, and amazing art! 376 Wilsons Rd
Posted 2016-09-22T00:16:04.013Z
benn about Mojo Wakefield
I'm at the mojo across the road and they have great $10 eggs.
Posted 2016-09-15T22:29:07.871Z
benn about Soul Food Cafe
Good food and nice service. Big wholesome meals.
Posted 2016-09-15T21:43:34.911Z
benn about Exchange Cafe
This has been renamed, it's not Cafe Telephonique. And still pretty great!
Posted 2016-09-15T21:43:13.906Z
benn about Rangitikei Tavern
I've always wanted to stop off here ofr a beer, I wonder what this place is like.
Posted 2016-09-15T21:41:59.294Z
benn about Nando's Courtenay Place
The chips aren't that good value, they're just a bit boring and the dip is $2.50 more.
Posted 2016-09-15T09:15:51.580Z
benn about New park on Courtenay Place
This is where tommy millions pizza and gentlemens beans is.
Posted 2016-09-14T00:06:39.941Z
benn about Symes De Silva House
I've been to the dentist here and it's very good professional service.
Posted 2016-09-14T00:05:46.243Z
benn about Molly Malone's
Closed at the moment for renovations it looks like. Usually had a great band on when it's open.
Posted 2016-09-14T00:04:06.183Z
benn about Nando's Courtenay Place
It feels a lot like a restaurant you might visit in America, nice service, booths, chain feeling but empty and friendly.
Posted 2016-09-14T00:03:24.864Z
benn about Nando's Courtenay Place
I love nandos. It's my guilty secret. I go for a run then come here.
Posted 2016-09-14T00:02:47.603Z
benn about The Mothered Goose Cafe
Lovely cafe with good food in a nice old building. Great stop.
Posted 2016-09-10T04:03:54.734Z
benn about St Johns Bar
They don't serve nice beer anymore, they used to have some sneaky panhead, but that's all gone now.
Posted 2016-09-06T03:16:12.938Z
benn about Lady Norwood Rose Garden, Wellington Botanic Garden
Beautiful rose garden. Nice cafe at the begonia house too.
Posted 2016-08-30T04:16:35.314Z
benn about Anderson Park
Fly my pretties are playing here on January 22nd!
Posted 2016-08-30T04:15:45.268Z
benn about New World
Classic place to buy rolls in the morning before the mountain, and beers in evening.
Posted 2016-08-28T01:22:31.152Z
benn about Turoa Skifield
Awesome field, biggest vertical in New Zealand I think. Nice food at the cafe too.
Posted 2016-08-27T21:10:55.482Z
benn about Tokaanu Thermal Pools
Lovely thermal pools with private pools as well as a shared public pool.
Posted 2016-08-27T04:09:40.718Z
benn about Taranaki Falls
Lovely 2 hour loop walk for closed days on the mountain.
Posted 2016-08-27T01:28:17.939Z
benn about Chateau Tongariro
Lovely looking building.
Posted 2016-08-27T01:23:45.200Z
benn about Whenua Tapu Crematorium Chapel
I remember going to my grandfathers funeral here it was very tasteful.
Posted 2016-08-26T05:01:27.090Z
benn about Jaycar Electronics
Not here anymore.
Posted 2016-08-21T00:17:40.333Z
benn about Salvation Coffee
Surprisingly busy on a Sunday morning. Really nice coffee.
Posted 2016-08-21T00:17:05.495Z
benn about Brooklyn Bread & Bagels
If you come past at 4am midweek they'll be already starting to bake bread for the day.
Posted 2016-08-13T04:46:19.489Z
benn about Caffe L'affare
Super cool cafe with great food and nice energetic buzz. I think they roast their coffee here also.
Posted 2016-08-13T04:45:39.249Z
benn about Moore Wilson & Co.
Lovely fresh food and also large quantities of bulk / catering food (1kg tin of chickpeas anyone?)
Posted 2016-08-13T04:44:56.777Z
benn about Peoples Coffee
There is still a cafe here but I don't think it's a people's anymore.
Posted 2016-08-11T00:43:56.892Z
benn about Zeal Cafe
Hangout for young people that is alcohol free.
Posted 2016-08-11T00:42:29.049Z
benn about Rogue and Vagabond
Super cool beer bar with fun live music pretty often.
Posted 2016-08-11T00:41:55.354Z
benn about Glover Park
Nice tidy park, used to be where all the homeless people hunt out. Can have a beer at rogue and vagabond and sit on the grass.
Posted 2016-08-11T00:41:22.246Z
benn about KK Malaysian Restaurant
And again, Kung pao chicken. Some friendly dude let me share his table.
Posted 2016-08-11T00:40:21.282Z
benn about The Oaks Satay Noodle House
Good cheap feeds and tends to be open all the time.
Posted 2016-08-10T22:20:15.680Z
benn about Stoneham Walk
We used to go swimming in the creek here as children. It's so hot in Kawerau during summer.
Posted 2016-08-10T04:17:57.314Z
benn about Wharenui site
This is wharenui now!
Posted 2016-08-10T02:25:49.843Z
benn about The Boat Shed
This is where they have the Pacific Beer Expo, wellingtons best beer event (imho).
Posted 2016-08-10T02:25:30.072Z
benn about Diving Board, Taranaki Wharf
I did a backwards flip off this and it hurt a lot.
Posted 2016-08-10T02:25:03.906Z
benn about Hokitia
A young man died after drunkenly jumping off it and trying to do a dive.
Posted 2016-08-10T02:24:38.742Z
benn about Hokitia
Big old crane boat that is maintained by a non profit.
Posted 2016-08-10T02:24:22.304Z
benn about Little bridge bit on the wellington waterfront.
Nice place to sit under the wharf and watch the water.
Posted 2016-08-10T02:23:58.201Z
benn about Taranaki Street Wharf
There is a jumping platform here for going for a swim.
Posted 2016-08-10T02:23:02.320Z
benn about Caffe Gelato
So delicious.
Posted 2016-08-10T02:22:34.083Z
benn about Caffe Gelato
You can have any gelato turned into a milkshake (or with soy) for about $7.
Posted 2016-08-10T02:22:29.708Z
benn about St Johns Bar
Great place to sit in the sun on the afternoon, it gets the sun until very late.
Posted 2016-08-10T02:21:52.833Z
benn about Mac's Brewery
Nice and on the waterfront but isn't the best positioned for afternoon sun.
Posted 2016-08-10T02:21:20.015Z
benn about Te Araroa Holiday Park
Beautiful holiday park on the beach in the middle of nowhere.
Posted 2016-08-10T01:50:24.611Z
benn about East Island (Whangaokeno Island)
You can view this island from the end of east cape road, when you walk up to the lighthouse.
Posted 2016-08-10T01:49:15.291Z